8. Video Services & Collaboration

8.1. URL Format


The SERVICE_ID may be a single collaboration type or many separated by -. At present, the only TYPE compatible with the Video Services export is ics / iCalendar.

As the query is signed with a signature generated using secret API key, the query need not be timestamped. Instead, each booking is given its own unique identifier and, therefore, the generated query URL may be fed as a persistent calendar for importing in your application of choice. The link will only expire once your account has been closed, if TTL is required by your server administrator or your API key is deleted.

If TTL is required by your server administrator, requests should be both timestamped and signed.

8.2. Parameters

Param Short Values Description
alarms - int If defined with a value of x int, all bookings to be exported will be accompanied by a matching alarm set to occur x minutes prior to the start of the booking itself. The alarm is set to provide a popup reminder. The default value is 0 minutes.

Please be aware that specifying the alarm parameter in your query will assign alarms to every booking which is to be exported.

8.3. Service Identifiers Used in CERN

The following parameters are both for example to other installations, and for use within CERN installations of Indico, they represent the options available for configuration through the SERVICE_ID parameter.

SERVICE_ID Linked Service
all Traverse all plugin indices.
vidyo Return Vidyo bookings only.
evo Return EVO bookings only.
mcu Return CERNMCU bookings only.
webcast Return Webcast Requests only.
recording Return Recording Requests only.

SERVICE_ID may be one of more of these identifiers, if more than one is required simply join the service names with -, please refer to common examples for usage scenarios.

8.4. Common Examples

8.4.1. All Bookings

To obtain all bookings in the past 7 days for all collaboration plugins registered:


To obtain the same output, but with alarms set to display 20 minutes prior to each event:


8.4.2. Individual Plugin Bookings

To obtain bookings from a specific plugin, in this example Vidyo, from a set date range and with alarms 30 minutes prior to the booking:


8.4.3. Multiple Plugin Bookings

We may also reference more than one plugin’s bookings, to request all EVO and CERNMCU bookings over a specified date range with no alarms: